Wubuntu Virtual Internship Programme


After a long hot summer in Asia and cold winter in South Africa, its harvest time! 

Over the past 3 months, Wubuntu has offered virtual internship experience for more than 50 university students in Hong Kong, in collaboration with more than 20 South Africa-based organizations from different business fields.

On the 4th of August, we have invited all our South Africa business collaborators and students from the internship program to join our celebration, to share their joy and interesting experiences from their internship.

Africa - Asia virtual networking party

‘My supervisor is very nice and helpful, knowing I may not have much field knowledge he taught me many new technical skills to help me understand the work. I asked to extend my internship voluntarily because I wanted to learn more from him.’

——  Kwok Wing Tung

Current studying at Hong Kong Baptist University

‘I have no prior knowledge of South Africa before joining (this programme), it surprised me how kind the people are, and I enjoyed working with South African people. I would participate again next year.’ 

——  Tho Phan

 Current studying at  City University of Hong Kong

‘During my internship with Anthropology Southern Africa Association (ASnA), I received a warm welcome from my supervisor and fellow council members. I was offered the internship position in marketing and social media content. It was a very valuable experience for me since this present me with the opportunity to apply what I have studied to practical use. 

On top of that, participating in the ASnA’s internship program also make me realize that there are so many things to learn from them. Before joining ASnA, I never knew about the concept of Anthropology and that made me very nervous. However, the ASnA kindly accommodated me and ensured that I feel comfortable during my stay.

I would like to thank all the council members for supervising and equipping me with actual experience in the working field. I am grateful for all the amazing people I have met at Anthropology Southern Africa Association such as Gcobani, Tian, Shabnam, Helen, and many more including my fellow intern, Sam. Stay Awesome!’

——  Poompong Junhom

Current studying at  City University of Hong Kong  

Summarizing from all those overwhelmingly positive feedbacks from our participants and our business collaborators, intercultural communication brought us closer through collaborative works and it inspires us to bring it further. 

We will continue to offer many more intercultural engagements for empowering youth development in the forthcoming months, stay tuned!