Career Empowerment for Hong Kong Students


What is it like being in a minority group, and what does it offer to your career development? In collaboration with Caritas Hong Kong, Wubuntu hosted two groups of non-Chinese speaking secondary school students. 


We are helping their career development by organising a job shadowing day and an intercultural engagement with our team and partners!


Caritas Youth and Community Service has been commissioned by the HKSAR Education Bureau to launch a service named "Provision of Services on Providing Life Planning Education Activities for Non-Chinese Speaking Students in Secondary Schools"(2021 - 2023) (The Service).

We had three students joining the Wubuntu team on the job shadowing day. They participated in team meetings and engaged our members in ongoing Africa-Asia project preparation.

It is an eye-opening experience to be with a company operated online, and what Wubuntu is doing is meaningful and fun.’


At the end of the shadowing day at Wubuntu, one participate shared in the intercultural party organised for our virtual internship programme participants. 

The second part of the career workshop includes an organisation visit to our office space in Hong Kong and meeting our Cape Town co-founder Dr Tian in an early South African morning. Our co-founders engaged students with interesting intercultural, entrepreneurship, social innovation and career development discussions.


Best wishes to our students! May your cultural identity gives you strength and inspiration in every aspect of life.:)