Researcher from Beijing-Based Think Tank Explores "New Colours of Africa" in Cape Town, South Africa

Dr.Haowu Wang with Sinazo Chiya, Associate Director of Stevenson Gallery at the 2024 Investec Cape Town Art Fair

Jointly invited by the Investec Cape Town Art Fair, China Construction Bank (Johannesburg branch), and Wubuntu, a Research Fellow from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Dr. Haowu Wang, embarked on a transformative research visit to Cape Town, South Africa, from February 15th to February 20th, 2024. Dr. Wang's expedition focused on delving deep into the vibrant cultural exchange between Africa and China, as part of the "New Colours of Africa" initiative.
Organised by China Construction Bank in collaboration with Wubuntu, the "New Colours of Africa" programme seeks to bridge cultural divides and foster greater understanding through art. Dr. Wang's extensive research during his visit encompassed interviews with key stakeholders, including representatives from China Construction Bank, African galleries, esteemed artists, art critics, and local and international collectors.

Dr.Haowu Wang with Dr.Julie Taylor, Director of Guns & Rain Gallery and the “New Colours of Africa” team from China Construction Bank and Wubuntu

Of particular note were Dr. Wang's insightful conversations with keynote speakers from the "New Colours of Africa" 2023 art forum, namely Sinazo Chiya from Steven Gallery and Dr. Julie Taylor from Guns and Rain Gallery. These discussions provided invaluable perspectives on the intersection of African and Chinese artistic expression.
Moreover, Dr. Wang played a pivotal role in shaping the future trajectory of the ARAK collection, a groundbreaking exhibition showcasing contemporary art from across Africa. His input and expertise will be instrumental in curating a diverse and compelling showcase of African creativity, slated for exhibition in Shenzhen, China later this year.
Reflecting on his experience, Dr. Haowu Wang expressed his enthusiasm for the potential of cultural exchange to deepen mutual understanding and appreciation between Africa and China. He remarked, "The 'New Colours of Africa' initiative represents a significant step towards fostering meaningful connections and celebrating the rich tapestry of cultural diversity shared between our nations."
Dr. Wang's research visit to Cape Town marks a significant milestone in the ongoing dialogue between Africa and China, underscoring the power of art to transcend boundaries and forge lasting connections.

Dr.Haowu Wang with the “New Colours of Africa” team from China Construction Bank and Wubuntu, the “ARAK Collection” team, and local & internatonal collectors

About Dr. Haowu Wang:
 Dr. Haowu Wang is a Research Fellow and advocate for cultural exchange at the Chinese Academy of Social Science - a Beijing-based policy-shaping think tank advising the Chinese government. With a background in Anthropology and fieldwork experience of social transformation research in South Africa, Dr. Wang is committed to promoting cross-cultural understanding through his work. His contributions to the "New Colours of Africa" initiative exemplify his dedication to fostering dialogue and collaboration on a global scale.